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Monday, 8/13 – FIRST DAY OF TRY OUTS


                         TWO TRAINING SESSIONS PER DAY!

                Morning – 7:30 AM to 9:30 AM @ the Stadium Turf

                Afternoon – 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM @ the Bus Garage

FALL SPORTS PHYSICALS - Fall Sports Physicals and Paper work Must be in before Tryouts.  The form is on the UHS Athletics website – 

The Physical must be DATED after 6/1/2018 to be valid for this Fall – Turn in to Jodie Weaver at the ADs office Monday  - Thursday 9 AM – 3 PM 

before the Monday 8/13 tryout. ***First Tryout Session is before office staff gets in – DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE FIRST DAY AND THINK THAT 



2018 Running Schedule: Time to start training
The following should be done over a 7 week period and run at least 3, but no more than 5, times per week. Use a track or run around a soccer/football field. Beginning this program the week of June 26th will allow you to finish by tryouts. Good luck.

Week 1

Do a warm up lap and stretch; then do 6 laps as follows: run the straight-aways and walk the turns. The first lap should be done at ¾ speed, the rest at full speed. Do a cool-down walk/jog.

Week 2

Warm up followed by 6 laps as in 1 above, but jog the turns. Always cool-down and stretch.

Week 3

Warm up followed by 7 laps of run and jogs. Cool-down jog and stretch.

Week 4

Warm up followed by 7 laps as follows: Run full lap, walk lap to complete 7 laps. Cool-down jog.

Week 5

Warm up followed by 8 laps as follows: Run straights, jog turns. Cool-down jog and stretch.

Week 6

Warm up followed by 8 laps as follows: Run full lap, walk ½, jog ½. Cool-down jog/stretch.

Week 7

Warm up followed by 7 laps as follows: Run full lap, jog lap. Always Cool-down jog and stretch.


Your “runs” should be 90% of your sprint speed ( once you get conditioned ). Having a partner to push you along will help. Make sure you stretch and hydrate. Conditioning requires commitment. Stick to this schedule and you will be ready for tryouts.

The Wall Ball Workout

Players interested in improving their touch, do the following "500+ touches in 20 minutes" wall ball area workout before or after your running sessions:

Wear sneakers and use the wall behind the Middle Mchool. Make sure you use a ball that you don't mind damaging.

1. Alternating one touch: stand about 6-8 yards from the wall and push pass ( open foot ) the ball to wall alternating right and left feet, medium pace on the pass, (3 minutes).

2. Alternating two touch: stand about 10-12 yards from the wall and push pass ball ( medium pace) to wall with right foot then upon return collect with other foot on first touch then pass back to wall with same foot; continue alternating ( left- right ) keeping the ball close on the first touch, ( 3 minutes ).

3. Collecting driven balls: stand about 15-18 yards from wall and send a driven ball low to wall at fast pace and collect in one-touch upon return, try to focus on dropping the ball at your feet on the collection, alternate in some weak foot driven balls to work on your weaker foot, ( 3 minutes).

4. Target practice: stand about 20-22 yards from wall and pick out a spot on the wall to hit ( about 6-8 feet up), send driven ball and try to hit target, count how many you hit in a row, alternate three with strong foot to one with weaker foot, ( 3 minutes).

5. Air ball collection: stand about 7 yards from wall and toss ball up about 20 feet off the wall and collect in one-touch with various surfaces (top of foot, thigh, chest), try to have the ball drop down on first touch, ( 3 minutes).

6. Throw-in power builder: stand about 15-18 yards from wall ( at the large crack on surface ) and with feet parallel (next to one another- few inches apart), throw ball against wall and collect return with your body, try to increase your velocity on the throw so it gets back to you from the wall on one bounce, make sure your throws are reaching the wall at about 8 feet high or lower, ( 3 minutes).

7. Multi-touch dribbling: on the blacktop at the wall you are working at, dribble with ball touching it every other step with same foot, begin with right then go to left, go at a moderate pace until you are comfortable with the speed of the ball on the surface, use both the inside and outside of both feet as you progress to more control.